Products to Print

There are countless ways to turn your Pet Sketch™ or People Sketch into something physical

VistaPrint - Mugs, Shirts, Cards, and much more!

After you have ordered and received your Sketch (click here to order),

Go to: and upload your Sketch


Canvas Printing

When you order your Pet Sketch™ file, you'll need to know what size you'd like your file to be so that it's formatted properly for canvas printing (revisions are free though so don't worry). Once you receive your file, take it to a local canvas printing business and they'll take care of the rest. 

In Calgary, we have a number of trustworthy canvas printing businesses, one example is: You can submit your order online, call them (403) 966-0484 or go to their shop in person: 3021 Dover Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2B 1V5.A

There are many online options too, such as or

Cheaper, Higher Quality, Faster Delivery

The reason you should print locally is more than just because it makes you feel good, being able to physically walk into their shop is a huge advantage. If anything is messed up, you're able to talk to a person face-to-face. Not to mention, it's actually cheaper than buying online and they offer free delivery within the city. 


If you're looking to print your Pet Sketch as a photograph at a business like Staples, you can bring the file in on a USB drive and get it printed. Or you can upload the file at their website and pick it up when it's ready:

As always, feel free to contact me: and I'll answer any questions you may have!